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What’s New in Flutter 3.22? enhancing cross platform dev.

Flutter 3.22 is here, bringing a host of enhancements to elevate cross-platform app development. Released on May 14, 2024, at Google I/O, this update promises to streamline development with improved performance, new features, and better integration.

Key Highlights of Flutter 3.22

Resolved Firebase Issues

Flutter 3.22 addresses all known Firebase issues, ensuring seamless integration with backend services like authentication, databases, and analytics, thus enhancing app reliability and performance.

Stability with Minimal Breaking Changes

This release introduces minimal breaking changes, focusing on stability. Updates to the Material Design system and core framework are designed to minimize disruption, allowing for smoother project updates.

Essential Framework Improvements

  • Regenerate Build Files : Developers should regenerate build files like index.html an Gradle scripts for compatibility.

  • Replace Deprecated Libraries : Keeping your codebase up-to-date is crucial; replace deprecated libraries to utilize new features and optimizations.

Enhanced Framework Features

  • Disable Test Shuffling : Ensures consistent and reliable test runs.

  • Improved Leak Tracking : Upgraded memory management and debugging.

  • Dynamic View Sizing : Reintroduced for better layout flexibility.

  • Improved NestedScrollView : Enhanced scrollable precision and behavior.

Material Widgets Updates

Significant updates and fixes to the Material Design system include:

  • Chip Enhancements : Improved customization and consistency.

  • SelectableRegion and CircularProgressIndicator : Better text selection on Android and fixed issues with indeterminate state on Darwin.

  • SearchBar Updates : New 'enable' property and improved clear button visibility.

  • TextField Enhancements : Disabled TextFields can now scroll, and layout consistency under Material 3 is improved.

Platform-Specific Enhancements


  • Enhanced native asset handling and debugging.

  • Extended wireless debugging support.

  • Optimized CI processes.


  • Migration of the hello_world app to Gradle Kotlin DSL.

  • Simplified PlatformViewRenderTarget interface.

  • Best practices compliance for better performance.


  • Added security checks in Flutter Doctor validator.

DevTools Updates

  • Native Assets Support for Android Add2App : Easier integration of native assets.

  • Gradle Kotlin DSL Support : More expressive and maintainable build configurations.

  • Improved Shader Target Selection : Optimized graphics performance.

Engine and Impeller Improvements

  • New Blur Effect : Better visual effects with improved downscaling.

  • Shader Bundle Enhancements : Support for complex shaders.

  • Rendering Pipeline Optimization : Improved performance and efficiency.

  • WebAssembly Integration : Significant performance boost for web applications.

Vertex AI for Firebase Dart SDK

A preview of Vertex AI for Firebase Dart SDK is available, enabling the integration of generative AI features into applications for more personalized experiences.

Breaking Changes

  • ColorScheme.fromSeed : Use DynamicSchemeVariant.fidelity or content for vibrant palettes.

  • Removal of v1 Android Embedding : Migration to version two is necessary.


Flutter 3.22 enhances app development with improved performance, better tooling, and new features like WebAssembly and Vertex AI integration. Staying updated with the latest advancements ensures your projects leverage the full potential of Flutter.

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